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Bat Removal

Bats roost in large colonies in crawl spaces, attics, soffit areas, abandoned homes and buildings.  They forage on insects while in flight, and generally hunt for insects high above the ground instead of near foliage or water.  Their narrow wings allow for strong, fast flight and help them to travel long distances and pursue flying insects.


Disturbing sounds may be heard from vocalizations and grooming, scratching, crawling, or climbing in attics, under eaves, behind walls, and between floors.  Bats become particularly noisy on hot days in attics, before leaving the roost at dusk, and upon returning at dawn. Bats are subject to fleas, mites, lice and rabies.  Bats have potential for transmitting rabies.


  • Place a bat house away from the property.
  • Permanently seal all entry points.
  • Leave a light on where bats are roosting.


  • Bat Control Services We offer specific bat control and bat removal services (bat capture and bat relocation) to eliminate bats from roosting and block out of your home or business.

  • Seal After the bat removal process is complete, we seal bats out of your home or business so they cannot reenter. This process rids bats from attempting to enter your home or business. We guarantee it!

  • Clean After we have bat proofed and rid bats from your home or business, we clean (remediate) and remove all bat debris, feces, scent, odor and bacteria.

  • Warranty Our service for bat removal or bat control are back with a guaranteed & warranty!


  • Bats are good for the environment and are protected by Arizona laws.
  • There are close to 900 different bat species.
  • Some bats migrate to warmer climates in the winter.
  • Some bats can live without water for 6 weeks.
  • Bats remain active year-round.
  • Once bats have established a roost in a building, they will stay there.  They will return year after year, and the young born every summer will return year after year as well.
  • Bats will live in an established and suitable area for hundreds of years if the proper conditions hold.

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