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Ground Rodents: Gophers, Ground Squirrels, Ground Rats & Moles

Goper_Control_Scottsdale_AZ GOPHER HABITAT
Gophers, Ground Squirrels & Moles are known for building complex underground tunnel systems. They use their front legs and long teeth to push dirt out of their tunnels and onto the grass above. Gophers are loners and only one gopher will be found in one tunnel system.

Gophers can move approximately a ton of soil to the surface each year.
Gophers only eat vegetation. They eat leaves, stems roots, bulbs and can pull entire plants into their tunnels.
Gophers obtain sufficient moisture from their food and do not need a source of open water.

These pests are sometimes responsible for killing lawns, ruining trees and destroying gardens.  They are also a food source for coyotes, bobcats, and snakes.


  • Regular pest control to reduce their food supply.
  • Use underground screen fencing or netting for protection.
  • Use raised plant boxes to prevent gophers from being able to dig into them.
  • Flooding water into their tunnel system.


  • Baiting: Baiting (a.k.a. poison) is a very effective method in controlling the ground rodents. We probe the entire tunnel system and strategically place bait where only the ground rodent will consume. This method is safe for humans, pets and plants.

  • Trapping: Trapping is a good method in ridding these varmints. We set traps deep in the rodent's tunnel system where pets and children cannot reach. We then monitor and remove them once captured.

  • Blasting: Yup, BLASTING! This organic and humane method is our greatest method in eradicating these ground rodents. This method is also safe for humans, pets and plants - and we have a lot of fun doing it.


  • Moles can dig tunnels at 18 feet per hour.
  • Moles can move through existing tunnels at 80 feet per minute.
  • Only one gopher will be found in one tunnel system.
  • Gophers, Ground Squirrels & Moles seldom leave their underground tunnel systems.
  • Gophers are easily identified by their long, hard front teeth, tiny ears, small eyes and short tails.
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