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Pigeon Trapping

Pigeons build nests around houses, buildings, warehouses, farms, mills and grain storage.  They also inhabit telephone lines, parks, buildings and bridges in cities.

Pigeons are extremely dirty.  They exercise no personal hygiene and can live almost anywhere.  They can cause food poisoning and spread disease such as cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis and salmonella.  Their droppings can destroy buildings and statues.  Other pests like fleas, lice, mites and ticks that also spread disease may live on these birds.


  • Do not feed the pigeons.
  • Fill in any voids or holes in your house.  Obstruct open spaces on flat surfaces to discourage their nest building.
  • Keep food and water out of reach.
  • Pick up garbage.  Keep food covered and maintain a clean birdbath.


  • Remediation & Cleanup: We first clean the entire affective pigeon waste areas. When necessary, we use our professional pressure washing equipment to power wash areas needing deep cleaning. We also wash and disinfect pigeon nests and pigeon feces as well as pigeon droppings off roofs and on ground surfaces.

  • Pigeon Blocking / Pigeon Proofing: We use professional pigeon blocking, pigeon control and pigeon removal material.

  • Pigeon Trapping: Another technique we use and is highly effective is pigeon trapping. Trapping pigeons reduces the population and more importantly dilutes the pigeon generations and productions. This is a special process that requires professional handling. This technique is only used upon request, or if specific circumstances warrant.

  • Warranty: Our service to remove pigeons is guaranteed and back with a guarantee & warranty!


  • Pigeons carry over 60 diseases.
  • Baby pigeons eat food that their parents eat and then regurgitate.
  • Adult pigeons eat almost any organic food they can find.
  • Pigeons are monogamous.
  • Pigeons will lay 1 to 2 eggs that hatch within 18 days.
  • Pigeons carry (host) fleas, lice, mites and ticks.
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