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Scottsdale_Skunk_Control_Photo SKUNK HABITAT
Skunks are often attracted to residential areas by the availability of food, water, and shelter.  They can be encouraged to leave by reducing or eliminating these attractants.  Low backyard decks have proven to be extremely attractive shelters for skunks.

All skunks have the ability to discharge a nauseating musk from their anal glands.  They are capable of spraying their musk several times with accuracy to about 10 feet.  Confrontation with pets often results in the pet being sprayed or bitten.  Skunks can also cause lawn and turf damage.

Skunks can also cause severe damage to gardens and lawns by their digging activities.  While searching for grubs and other subsoil insects, skunks frequently uproot turf and other plants.  This damage consists of small pits ranging from 3 to 5 inches across, or sometimes large sections of sod are rolled back.

Skunks are predators and can decimate ground-nesting wild bird populations and local populations of endangered species of small mammals. In addition, skunks can cause significant economic losses to egg/poultry raisers.


  • Eliminate availability of food, water, and shelter.
  • Remove unused pet food and water bowls at night.  Store pet food in animal proof containers.
  • Keep tight fitting lids on garbage cans.
  • Gardens should be harvested frequently and windfall fruit picked up.
  • Seal up entry holes in and under buildings and decks.
  • Keep pet access doors locked.
  • Control insects in lawn and around building.


  • Trapping Live skunk trapping is our specialty and is the best method to rid skunks from your yard or location.


  • Skunks can spray their musk several times and with accuracy to 10 feet.
  • Skunks bite and can carry rabies.
  • To remove musk sprayed on pets, first rinse the eyes gently with clear water, bathe with a "No Tears" shampoo taking special care around the eyes, then rinse with clear water.  You may wish to rinse the pet with tomato juice or a dilute solution of vinegar and water.  If you take this extra step, you must then shampoo and rinse the pet again.  This treatment may need to be repeated.  You may use any over-the-counter eye drops as a final soothing eye treatment.  If your pet was bitten by the skunk, take it immediately to your veterinarian.
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