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Snakes are cold-blooded animals.  This means that they have no internal method to stay warm.  Their body temperature is the same as the surrounding temperature.  Snakes are happiest with a natural period of darkness.

About 150 people every year are bitten by rattlesnakes in Arizona.  Rattlesnakes found in Arizona can be lethal.  Copperhead snakes are characterized by the rich copper colors with wide alternating bands that extend completely around even the underside.  They can be seen in gardens, flowerbeds, and around houses.


  • Eliminate rodents from your home, barn and place of business.  Gophers, squirrels, rats and mice attract snakes.  Rodent removal is one of the best methods to prevent snakes from entering into your location.

  • Repellents such as cinnamon oil and clove oil can help if applied regularly, or the combination of cat litter and mothballs. Use caution, mothballs are carcinogenic and have been known to cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea if inhaled for too long. See more about Homemade Snake Repellent.


  • Capture & Removal: Live snake capturing is another specialty of ours and is the best method to rid snakes from your yard or location.

  • We humanely capture, remove and relocate snakes to an approved and authorized Arizona Game & Fish wildlife area. Once you see the snake, do the following:
      1. Call Arizona Critter Tech Pest Specialist 602-274-8837 (602-CRITTER)
      2. Keep watching the snake so you can direct our technician to the location.
      3. Do not attempt to remove it, wait for our experienced technician to handle.

  • Snake Proofing: We are Arizona's snake proofing specialist. After the snake removal process is complete, we then permanently seal snakes from your yard, home or business, so they cannot reenter. The snake sealing/snake proofing process is unique and completely customized to your home or business. We use special techniques and material that conforms and blends into your environment. This process will keep snakes out for good, making a fortress and impenetrable to all snakes while also giving you, your family, pets, guests, clients, and employees security and peace of mind.


  • Mating takes place in spring and fall and females give birth to 4-8 young in August and September.
  • Adult females usually give birth every two years up to 30 live young.
  • Food sources are mostly reptiles, rats, mice, but also birds, squirrels and other small mammals.
  • Rattle snakes size can be up to 6 feet.
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