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Beehive removals, Smoke Tests, BBQ Proofing, Deceased Animal Removal & Sanctuary Animal Transport

Residential Homeowners & Renters

We have exterminated and removed thousands of pests and rodents from homes, condos, duplexes, patio homes, mobile homes, RVs, garages, barns and much more.

So whether you have rats in attic, squirrels in walls, mice in house, scorpions in room or pigeons on roof we can create customizable solutions that are cost-effective to fit your needs with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Commercial & Complex

We have developed an exceptional rating with many businesses throughout the valley. We have successfully ended rodent, pest control and wildlife removal problems in such places as restaurants, bars, malls, professional office buildings, communication towers, health care facilities, gas stations, school districts, apartment/condominium complexes and many more...

We have provided unconditional results with our skilled and professional employees.

New Builders & Remodel Companies

We have a diverse background and many years in the construction industry.
This has played a vital role in successfully remediating numerous infestation issues that were otherwise deemed uncontrollable.

From entire upscale development communities to single remodeled homes, we have successfully saved countless hours and money to damages and potential damages caused by rodents and pests.

Our Specialty Services...

Arizona Department of Agriculture Pest Management
Critter Tech has licensed (Lic. #8880), insured, certified, professional and highly trained technicians servicing all specialty divisions. Our goal is customer satisfaction.
Proofing/Sealing Barbeques:
> BBQ provide an excellent place for rats to nest.
We remove nests and debris.
> We then seal out animal from entering.
Beehive Removals:
> We specializes in removing beehives,
   hornets, yellow jacket & wasps nests.
> Once we have removed the bees, we
    offer inactive beehive removal.
Rat & Mouse Trapping:
> An effective method to control rats and
   mice from inside residential, commercial &
   industrial buildings.
> We use various professional trapping
   techniques that is based on the environment
   and situation.
Sanctuary Transport:
> We provide transport to Arizona Animal
   Sanctuaries so baby wildlife can cared for,
   and joined with mama to continue their
   growth and released safely in the wild
   where they can survive & thrive.
Smoke Tests:
> We do not outsource the Smoke Testing.
> We perform our own 'Smoke Tests' to
   detect hidden sewer-vent entry points
   where rats, rat mites, cockroaches
   & odors
can enter residential, commercial
   and industrial buildings.
> Our technicians have over 10 years experience.
> If smoke is detected inside the interior
   (called a 'breach'), we attempt to find
   where the breach is located and evaluate
   the type of breach and next steps in
   rectifying the issue.


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