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Squirrel_Control_Photo SQUIRREL HABITAT
Squirrels will take advantage of existing holes in your house. Squirrels prefer dwelling in areas where there is plenty of food. Areas with nuts, seed producting plants, grasses and young plants. Rock squirrels and Gray squirrels are most common in Arizona and often found near cities and people. Around winter time, squirrels need to stay warm so they sometimes find their way into home attics.

When squirrels invade your house or buildings, they can do extensive damage. The space between the facia board and the roof is the most vulnerable. Once inside, they will cause damage to insulation, rafters and electric wires. The damage can be significant and ongoing


    • Squirrels love to eat, and although they are cute, never feed them.
    • Do not leave food out (inside or outside).
    • Make sure that your sheeds, storage areas, crawlspaces, and garbage cans are clean and dry.
    • Seal up small holes and cracks that are half to quarte inch or more.


  • Trapping: We live trap (no harm to the animal) to remove squirrels from your home or business.

  • Sealing: After the squirrel removal process is complete, we seal squirrels out of your home or buisess so they cannot reenter. This process rids rodents from attempting to enter your home or business. We guarantee it!

  • Cleaning: After we have squirrel proofed and ridding squirrels from your home or business, we clean (remediate) and remove all squirrel debris, feces, scent, odor and bacteria.

  • Warranty: Our service to seal out squirrels is guaranteed!


  • Squirrels average lifespan is about 10 or 12 years.
  • Squirrels do not hibernate in winter. They are busy all year round.
  • Squirrels are smart and keen problem-solvers.
  • Squirrels can get into anything they can fit their head through.
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