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Residential Homeowners & Renters

We have exterminated and removed thousands of pests and rodents from homes, condos, duplexes, patio homes, mobile homes, RVs, garages, barns and much more.

So whether you have rats outside, squirrels in walls, mice in house or scorpions in room we can create customizable solutions that are cost-effective to fit your needs with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Commercial & Complex

We have developed an exceptional rating with many businesses throughout the valley. We have successfully ended rodent, pest control and wildlife removal problems in such places as restaurants, bars, malls, professional office buildings, communication towers, health care facilities, gas stations, school districts, apartment/condominium complexes and many more...

We have provided unconditional results with our skilled and professional employees.

New Builders & Remodel Companies

We have a diverse background and many years in the construction industry.
This has played a vital role in successfully remediating numerous infestation issues that were otherwise deemed uncontrollable.

From entire upscale development communities to single remodeled homes, we have successfully saved countless hours and money to damages and potential damages caused by rodents and pests.

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Arizona Department of Agriculture Pest Management
Critter Tech Pest Control services focus on the exterior of structures where insects live and breed. We also focus on entry points in the interior living spaces.

Our technicians look beyond the normal service and seek out potential pest control issue by taking a proactive approach against pest infestation.

Critter Tech has licensed (Lic. #8880), insured, certified, professional and highly trained technicians servicing the pest control division. Our goal is customer satisfaction.
Bark Scorpion
Fire Ant
Common House Cricket
American (Sewer) Cockroach
Black Widow
On-Time Service Schedules:
> Bi-Monthly
> Quarterly
> One-Time
We offer treatments tailored:
To fit your activity requirements
> For all areas external and interior
Our Technicians are:
Arizona Licensed & Certified
> Trained, tested & continuing their
   education every year.
> E-Verified & background tested.
> Have top of the line scientifically proven
   products that are suitable for the
   environment & effectively resolve the
> Among the best in the field.
> Knowledgeable, skilled, professional
   & courteous.
Dedicated and take the time to
   understand the issues to apply the
   appropriate treatments.
Common ants can lift 20 times their own body
> Common ants have the largest brain of any
> Common ants average life expectancy is about
   40-60 days.
> Common queen ants live up to ten or twenty
> Fire ant colonies are typically comprised of
   female worker ants & only one queen.
> Fire ants live in colonies, which can contain
   over 200,000 ants.
> Fire ants feed on a wide range of foods including
   insects, honeydew, plant nectar, seeds, fruits,
   and dead animals.
> They are highly attracted to foods high in fat.
   Common ants average life expectancy of an ant
   is about 40-60 days.
> Common queen ants live up to ten or twenty years.
Can live without their head for one (1) week!
> Can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes.
> Can live without food for a month and without
   water for two weeks.
> Can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes.
> Can run up to 3 miles an hour.
> Have been around since dinosaurs.
> Attract scorpions. In fact, there are their delicacy.
> Can go without food for up to 12 months, as long as they have water.
> Have a well-developed sense of hearing.
> The life span for adult mosquitoes is between 2 weeks to 30 days (or a bit more).
> Season starts slowly in spring, peaks in summer, and tapers off into fall.
> Are attracted to carbon dioxide, heat, and light.
> Oranges, lemons, lavender, basil, red wine vinegar and catnip naturally repel mosquitoes.
> Inside: they gravitate toward dark, warm, moist places where they have access to water, and this includes laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.
> Outside: they rest in tall grass, weeds, and brush near inhabited locations (homes and other buildings). Mosquitoes breed in stagnant, standing fresh water oftentimes found around homes. In tin cans, buckets, discarded tires, and other artificial containers that hold stagnant water.
Black Widows females are the most poisonous spider
   in North America.
> Black Widows will lay up to 400 eggs at a time,
   but they are known eat each other.
> Black Widow will only eat her mate when she
   mistakes him for a meal!


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