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Creative Multipart Rodent Control
Unique processes customized to your home or business.

Insect Pest Control

Residential Homeowners & Renters

We service pests from houses, condos, duplexes, patio homes, mobile homes, businesses and much more.

We create customizable solutions at cost-effective pricing that fits your needs with 100% satisfaction.

Commercial & Complex

We have developed an exceptional rating with many businesses throughout the valley. We have successfully ended rodent, pest control and wildlife removal problems in such places as restaurants, bars, malls, professional office buildings, communication towers, health care facilities, gas stations, school districts, apartment/condominium complexes and many more...

We have provided unconditional results with our skilled and professional employees.

New Builders & Remodel Companies

We have a diverse background and many years in the construction industry.
This has played a vital role in successfully remediating numerous infestation issues that were otherwise deemed uncontrollable.

From entire upscale development communities to single remodeled homes, we have successfully saved countless hours and money to damages and potential damages caused by rodents and pests.

See something run through the yard, mysterious chewing or unknown droppings?

Arizona Department of Agriculture Pest Management
Critter Tech has licensed (Lic. #8880), insured, certified, professional and highly trained technicians servicing the rat and mouse division. Our goal is customer satisfaction.

Rats and mice can access building through numerous areas the size of a dime (mouse) and nickel (rat).
Critter Tech provides superior rodent control with a wide variety of options specifically suited to your needs.
Do you see something running through your yard, mysterious chewing or unknown droppings?

Well you might just have a rat or mouse infestation.

Critter Tech specializes in controlling unwanted critters from your premises. A rodent infestation can adversely affect the value and structure of your property or business.
Rodent Bait Station Program:
> Highly successful method in controlling outside
   rats & mice.
> Secured & tamper resistant.
> Safe around children, pets & non-target
> Residential, commercial & industrial buildings.
> Stations monitored and filled monthly.
> Bait consumption levels reported.
> Easy Set Up!
> No Contracts!
> An effective method to control rats and
   mice from inside residential, commercial &
   industrial buildings.
> We use various professional trapping
   techniques that is based on the environment
   and situation.
Children & Pet Safe:
> Non-toxic safe for people, pets, livestock &
> Only target rats & mice!
> Unique processes completely
   customized to your home or business.
Live 1 to 2 years. However, the average is 18 months.
> Are suspected to cause 1 out of 4 suspicious fires.
> Can enter a hole as small as a quarter (less than one inch).
> Have extremely strong teeth and can chew through
   wire, plastic, glass, cinderblock, wood and even

> Have highly sensitive and efficient, smell, taste, touch and
   sound which direct them to their food sources. However,
   they also have a good memory; they can identify rat poisons
   just with a tiny taste.
> Are also responsible for spreading Bubonic Plague.
Two month olds can give birth and are able to have
   6 to 10 young per litter, 4 to 6 times per year.
> Both mice and rats attract predators, such as snakes,
   bobcats and coyotes.


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